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The South Church Preschool is an exciting place of learning for three, four, and five year old children. The dedicated staff welcomes the children into a nurturing environment, rich with well planned activities. These activities encourage children to explore, question, and further develop their individual skills, while also learning to be group members.

Our center places importance on Literacy. Our units tie nicely to both fiction and nonfiction books and stories each week. Science is a large part of our curriculum as the children learn about animals and nature all through the year. They will solve problems through experimentation and scientific discovery. Nutrition has become an important component to our program, and the children will learn lots of imformation about eating healthy and exercise.

Social-emotional growth is enhanced through our program. Moral values are reflected in everything that we do at school. The children are encouraged to respect others as well as themselves, as they interact within a safe social environment each day. Our teachers take this very seriously and consistently enforce and example these moral values. At SCPS we take pride at building self-awareness and self-confidence in our students. We encorporate compassion, patience and acceptance of differences into our interactions with the children, and we encourage them to do the same within their individual peer groups and in their classroom.


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30 High Street, South Glastonbury, Ct 06073 ~ Preschool (860) 633-9554, Business Manager (860) 657-3966 pollyl@southchurch2.org